Saturday 22 August 2020

Not our usual post, but an unusual day, and a driving adventure. Severe weather warning for Canberra, cold and windy weather, with snow falling as low as 700 metres. Most of the day the temperature stayed below 5 degrees C, by lunch time the apparent temperature was – 6 degrees 😦

With dark clouds and sleet at our place (570 metres elevation) we decided to go for a drive to see if we could find snow. We headed out to the Brindabella ranges, 1000 – 1900 metres, to see what we could find.

Brindabella Road

It appeared everyone in Canberra with a 4WD had the same idea, along with some aspirational drivers – one in a Tesla and another in VW polo! There was a fair bit of traffic heading up as far as Picadilly Circus, which thinned out we turned up Two Sticks Road and headed up 3 km where we decided to stop for a play.

Cabin Boy still on crutches!

A good 30 cm of fresh snow. First time we’ve really taken the car off-road – and very happy for the all terrain tyres!

Very happy for All Terrain tyres!
The Admiral and Cabin Boy
Lots of snow
The Drive Home


Sunday 23 August 2020

Yes – we went back! Early this morning the Admiral and Cabin Boy decided that they had so much fun that we should go back and have a look to see if the snow had melted. Again, every other Canberran had the same idea.

We made it back to exactly the same place. There had been another 20 or 30 cm snow fall on Saturday evening and it looked great. There had been some discussion between us on the Saturday afternoon about coming back that evening and camping in the snow. We have all the gear, great tent, alpine sleeping bags and air mattresses however the tent only fits two, and Cabin Boy was worried about leaving someone behind. I do regret that either he and I, or the Admiral and I, didn’t take the opportunity to camp out.

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