Well its great to be back on the water even if it is only for one race, before we head off to the Whitsundays for the better part of a month! I think we are all getting old – one of the crew has recently had a shoulder reconstruction and is out until the New Year. The fittest one of us is having his ticker overhauled and tuned and will be out for almost the same period. The skipper now looks like a Telly Tubby, is also trying to put his own shoulder reconstruction off for another 12 months!



Meanwhile the red haired terror of the bow is like the Eveready Energizer Bunny – he just keeps on keeping on (but grumpier!).



I will try to update this page after each race – will see how it goes!


10 SEP 17

Great start to the season with a win! 60 boats on the water across nine divisions, with the largest division being the trailerables with 14 boats. The not so secret weapon was “Pillow” who joined as the main, genoa, spinnaker trimmer, tactician and sailing mentor – giving us a master class on how to race, and making sure we kept the boat moving. We always learn much from Matt, and he makes it look so simple. Highlight of the day was watching the bowman nod knowledgably while Matt pointed out wind shifts and phases!  Thought we were going to loose the bowman at one stage while we were working him hard! All in all a great day on the water. Many thanks to Sean for taking the photos (one handed)!

Race 1-27

Telly Tubby with Sailing Mentor

Race 1-24

Either very relaxed or too exhausted to get up! Battery’s running low?

Race 1-21

That new spinnaker looks nice!

Race 1-16

Race 1-9

Dragging lines is not fast 😦

Race 1-8

“Pillow” in action


Surprise winner of Schweppes Cup – awarded for 1st Race of the Season, to the 1st place getter in the largest division! Presented by Madam Commodore – thanks Matt!


Some other great photo’s courtesy of Sean!

Race 1-MeleeRace 1-mixed fleetRace 1 Fleet under spinnakerFleet


Mid Season Update

Well we are now 13 races into 27 race season. We have had mixed success so far, missed a few races due to other committments, but have had a lot of fun. Light winds are still not our forte however we are getting better!

Repairs and maintenance are ongoing and we’ve continued to invest in the boat – we’ve added wind instruments; replaced the spinnaker, replaced one of the B&G Triton displays under warranty, worn through a set of jib sheets; bumped the rudder, and killed the spinnaker pole!



All these aside we are progressing well – coming 4th/30 in the Pointscore series. We finished third last year – and it would be great to match this again. Current top ten below. And we are definitely looking forward to getting our 4th crewman back!!

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 8.17.49 pm


Well we’ve now finished the 2017/18 Summer Sailing season – and surprisingly we came out on top for the Pointscore series! After 27 races we ranked 1st on 32.5 points. Five races were abandoned due to either too little or too much wind; we missed two races (away in the Whitsunday’s); came 1st – five times; 2nd – twice; 3rd – twice. The NOR was very generous granting 9 drops which saw us lose some really horrendous results.

For the Championship series we have a lot of work to do – 15th/29. But thats for next year!

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 21.56.24


Just got home from the Canberra YC Awards night. On behalf of the crew we eceived a small trophy and a $30 Boatshop voucher for winning the Pointscore Series. I can now use the voucher to start paying off my boatshop account! Many thanks to the crew for coming out in good and bad weather (drifter no wind days, or days where its 30knots +) to enable the boat to compete. It is really appreciated.


What was very humbling and very surprising was to nominated by the crew (without my knowledge!) for Most Improved Senior Sailor. What was even more surprising was to be awarded it – gentlemen, thank you very much! Here’s to next season and the National’s!


The nice trophy and medallion were also accompanied by a new waterproof backpack!


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