DAY 1 – FRI 8 APR 2016


Received the call that the boat was ready for collection so headed down to Paynesville to collect it. Left Canberra at 4 pm and drove to Cooma where I stopped at the now familiar road house. Too early for dinner so I asked for hot chips to take away. Must remember that everything is oversize at the roadhouse – even the $6 chips.


Truck stop sized chips!

Rang the mechanic and asked him to leave the boat out on the hardstanding with the keys, so that I could sleep on it overnight before doing the pack-up in the morning – “no problems!”. Arrived into Paynesville 5 ½ hours later, very tired, but found the boat on the hardstand. After spending 30 minutes looking for keys by the light of iPhone I realised that he had not put them out! 20 minute drive back the way I came, and ended up staying the night at the Bairnsdale Motel. V and I have stayed here before and found it great.


Bairnsdale Motel – Great Alpine Road

Ordered Chinese takeaway and then off to bed!

DAY 2 – SAT 9 APR 2016

After a really great nights sleep, returned to the boat in Paynesville and had a look for the keys in the light. No luck! After the mechanic opened and we exchanged views, he handed over the keys. After a thorough check of the engine I confirmed that he had indeed replaced the bolts that were missing, and that the electric start now functioned properly. The weather was too good to remain sour with the world – so slowly packed up the boat and dropped the mast for travel.


Paynesville Foreshore


A simple job that took twice the time due to passers by stopping for “a chat”! Once the boat was all set up, I towed it into Paynesville and stopped for an excellent brunch at the Fickle Fig, bought some supplies from the supermarket and headed home at 11.30 am.

Great weather for a drive and barely a car on the road heading north – had a dream run and was home by 5pm! Parked the boat in the drive way – destined and put the batteries on mains power for a charge. Paynesville was looking great – weather low-mid 20’s, and 5-10 knots breeze – and really tempting to stay for a few days!

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