Quo Vadis is a Latin phrase meaning “Where are you going?” which, based on our travels, seemed like an appropriate name for this web site and for our new boat.


You have arrived at the blog of D, V, H and X. This site is primarily set up to share our experiences and adventures with family and friends.

Individually for both work and pleasure, D and V have travelled extensively and often, from the third world to the first world, and most everywhere in between. H has left the nest and is finding her own way, while X (or Cabin Boy) is still in school.

So while Cabin Boy is still growing up we have sought challenges and places closer to home to explore as a family.  Having discovered that V was not a camper, that D liked sea kayaking, and that they both liked sailing, the compromise was reached to purchase a small trailerable yacht that would allow all of us to escape our land locked city and explore our local coast and inland waterways. We have discovered that you don’t need to be rich to travel well and our sailing holidays – from a long weekend to a few weeks long – have taught us that it is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Sailing is not a passive pastime and we have realised that having adventures is the best way to learn. Our sailing holidays have always had that little bit of excitement, a little challenge, and the discovery of new places, people or perspectives. As we have improved in confidence so has the length and difficulty of our trips.

As our sailing has improved we have entered various races and regatta’s working on the premise that a season racing is worth three cruising.  X has just completed his first Optimist Regatta, the three of us try to compete in the Marlay Point Overnight Race annually and I head north with local friends to compete in the Hamilton Island Race Week (Australian IRC Championships).

This blog captures some of  trips we did on our first boat Blue Print, a Farr 6000 (6 metre) trailer sailer. Since owning her from Jan 2009 we sadly said goodbye to her in October 2015, and have now replaced her with Quo Vadis, a Noelex 25 (7.8 metre) trailer sailer which should allow us to undertake more ambitious adventures, in greater comfort, for longer. Theres a bit about the boat here.

If you see us on the water, please say hello!


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